Bly kalm, eet (Nguni-) Vleis

Onthou daardie bekgeveg met ‘n vurige niggie (tante, vriend), wat vas glo: vleis-eet is uit die bose?

Hier is ‘n paar interessante argumente – hou vas aan jou stoel — opgehaal deur Marcelo Gleiser, beslis ‘n voorstaander van ‘n vleislose dieet:

“…cutting meat completely would not be as good a solution as it seems.

* As people eat less meat, they need to eat more plants, so farming areas need to be converted accordingly.

* In some areas where the land is not easily arable, such as mountainous regions with dry climate, grazing cattle, sheep, and goats is actually converting inedible grass into edible meat and milk.

* Pigs and chickens could be fed leftover foods.

* In some poor regions, meat and milk consumption is the only reliable source of protein and fat.

* Also, in poor regions, many people work with livestock.

* Culture also plays an essential role, and meat-eating is firmly ingrained in many parts of the world. Try convincing a Maasai from Kenya that he can’t eat meat or drink milk and blood.”

(Aangehaal hieruit)

So tussen ons… ek kan aan nog ‘n hele paar argumente dink…